• Login to your Vshipit account
  • You can view all your items through pics provided in your account.

NO, this is not a normal courier service.

Vshipit is a one stop solution for all your shopping requirements, we shop for you, store for you and ship for you. On top of all these we also offer a platform for many small-scale business holders (Boutiques), Customized Indian food items etc.

  • User must select Timeslot for the provided time ranges, Vshipit virtual agent will be allocated on basis of your requirement or by default available virtual agent.
  • He shops for you on behalf of you for whatever shop you wish for.

You will be given 48hrs time to cancel your allocated Virtual agent.

Within 48 hrs it will be a full refund before that half refund, after that No refund will be executed.

The refund will be processed with 5-7 Business days.


Vshipit will provide 2 weeks period for storage at Vshipit warehouse without any charge after that on per day basis Vshipit will charge accordingly.

For each individual customer, a Unique code will be generated you can see when you login to My account in Vshipit website.

All the products booked by individuals will be placed safely in the Vshipit locker(Unique locker for each individual).

Once, the item of any individual books an item to Vshipit Warehouse, Vshipit will provide a photo proof of each item on their account dashboard.

If the individual is ok with the product then product will be sent to the customer, if there is any issue with the product then it will be returned/exchanged (as per the merchant return/exchange policy).

Yes, it depends on the drop off location and distance.

The individual will keep a request for order pickup from Vshipit warehouse, if a person from Merchandise comes to Vshipit warehouse and picks the product then it is not chargeable If the merchandise asks for drop off at any Carrier facility, the Vshipit may charge the individual according to the distance and time.

Vshipit will not charge for up to 10 pics of your items booked after that according to the request Vshipit may charge the individual.

Yes, there are some slight charges which individuals have to pay after creating the ship request. INR 150.

After payment, if you cancel the shipment, it’s INR 350.